Warning! Watch for toads and other spring critters

As the weather warms and the rainy weather settles in, Pennsylvania roads come alive with critters. Each Spring, millions of amphibians begin to crawl around and April especially marks a spike in activity for American Toads, according to the Lancaster Herpetological Society.

Sign in Lancaster's Overlook Park
Sign in Lancaster’s Overlook Park

Instead of crushing the creatures with your vehicle tires, the Herpetological Society is reminding drivers to slow down and watch the road. Furthermore, the group in inviting volunteers to join them around dusk on rainy April nights to actually help the migrating toads cross the road safely.

“Each female toad may lay over 5,000 eggs, so many lives are on the line,” said member Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary.

Volunteers can sign up for Toad Watch Alerts (CLICK HERE) to receive emails when weather conditions and regional activity predict high toad movement specifically around Lancaster’s Overlook Park. They will then follow park trails on the lookout for toads.

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