More than 40 ducks found dead in Lancaster County

QUARRYVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – It was quite the discovery on Black Bear Road in East Drumore Township for Darlene Kreider.

More than 40 peaking ducks were found dead, on about a mile stretch, along the rural Lancaster County road.

“It was almost like someone put them there like they were strategically placed,” Kreider told ABC 27 News.

According to State Police, the birds were discovered Wednesday and on Thursday a member of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture picked up the carcasses.

“It seems obvious that they were just thrown there,” Christine Mooney, a domestic animal health inspector, said. “Now we’re trying to determine where they came from. From what I can see there is nothing wrong with them other than they’re dead.”

The ducks are the type that would typically be raised on farms and eaten.

Once the ducks die they’re supposed to be decomposed and incinerated.

The biggest worry for agriculture officials is that the birds died from a disease like the Bird Flu.

“It’s always a concern if there’s a dangerous transmissible disease possibility,” Mooney told ABC 27 News.  “That’s why we’re testing them and sending them off for a necropsy.”

Mooney said more tests are needed to determine how the birds died.

Anyone with information about the ducks is asked to call State Police.

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