House members share personal stories before passing medical marijuana

Members of the House of Representatives debated medical marijuana for several hours Wednesday night before passing Senate Bill 3.

“I want tell you one thing and this is the most important thing, sick people don’t want to get high they want to get better,” said Rep. Russ Diamond, (R) Lebanon County.

“Perhaps the saddest thing is you would have a victim of cancer so doped up on morphine in their final moments they cant express their love for their families,” said Rep. Mike O’brien, (D) Philadelphia County.

Some of them even shared personal stories of how they can relate to those parents who have been fighting for the bill to pass for their kids.

“I am a parent of a daughter born with a very rare birth defect. She went through 5 surgeries. Not that {medical marijuana} would have helped her but I understand the feelings of helplessness. They will do anything to help their child,” said Rep. Dan Moul, (R) Adams County.

Some shared how the medicine could potentially help them.

“I suffer from something called Trigeminal neuralgia. It causes severe pain in your face. You can’t eat, you can’t talk, you can’t sleep. It is so intense they call it the suicide disease,” said Rep. O’brien.

Others talked about how it could possibly help the ones they love.

“I have two daughters,” said Rep.Jeff Pyle, (R) Armstrong/Indiana/Butler Counties.

Pyle was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and underwent surgery. He told his fellow lawmakers he was in severe pain in the hospital and couldn’t eat. Pyle said a friend offered him medical marijuana.

“He offered me that oil, I did not take it. I am a state representative and I have to live what I preach,” said Pyle.

Pyle went on to say because his cancer can be hereditary he wanted to make sure his daughters would have more options than he did.

“With the odds that they will deal with this too, I want them to have access to comfort that I did not have,” said Pyle. “Please let my kids have access to this. Please vote in favor of Senate Bill 3.”

The House passed SB 3 with a vote of 149-43. The bill heads back to the Senate next week.


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