Landmark Perry County hotel in danger of closing

DUNCANNON, Pa. (WHTM) – A historic Perry County hotel and restaurant establishment is in real danger of closing its doors.

The Doyle is a destination for hundreds of Appalachian Trail hikers each year, but owners Pat and Vickey Kelly say off-season struggles are catching up.

The two have fallen behind before on bills, but it’s the first time since buying the place 15 years ago that they’re in real danger of losing it.

“Mostly it’s the back taxes. Back taxes, and mortgage payments are a little far behind, say the Kelly’s. “If we can get our back taxes caught up, the bank will work with us again. We just hit a bad spot.”

Supporters have already raised $2,420 through a GoFundMe account.

Pat and Vickey say they’ll need at least $9,000 to keep the doors open until summer hikers put them back on the trail to stability.

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