Ironstone Ranch: The venue that gives back

Ironstone Ranch is a 250+ acre property in Elizabethtown PA that hosts over a hundred events annually.  Each year, they hold over 75 weddings, corporate functions and retreats, birthday and anniversary parties, baby and bridal showers. They also offer guided trail rides for a unique experience to view the property.  We are a for profit business, however after all operating costs, all profits are donated to the Brittany’s Hope Foundation.

Brittany’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding abandoned children around the world.  The foundation was created with the hope of building a bridge to unite special waiting children and families who wish to adopt a child but are burdened by the substantial cost associated with adopting a child internationally.

“Being partnered with C&J Catering has allowed us to take our events to the next level and offer a level of service they won’t get anywhere else. We like to make weddings at Ironstone an experience for the bride and their guests.  We promise your wedding will not be cookie cutter and boring!” tells Alex Cover, Account Manager.

You can learn more at their website or by calling 717-902-9791.

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