What is Stormtrack Center Live?

STCLive-BlackWhen severe or winter weather comes our way, ABC27 steps into action to cover it from all angles. The ABC27 Stormtrack Center Live performance teaches children a multitude of basic weather concepts and allows them to experience first hand how things play out at the station. From weather tools to live reports, virtual studio tours & weather experiments, get ready to see how it all unfolds when ABC27 goes into “Severe Weather Mode” or “Winter Alert” (depending on the season).


Thank you for your interest in being a host site for StormTrack Center Live. There is no cost for the event, and this abc27 community service is meant to provide the audience with a better understanding as to how our meteorologists forecast severe and winter weather, along with full involvement of our news department to cover any weather story from start to finish.

Over the course of the 2-hour session, students will get to see and take part in a variety of weather-related demonstrations and experiments in a full-assembly, followed by a teacher-led group-by-group journey through stations set up to exemplify and explain our approach during “severe weather mode” or “winter alert” depending on the season. The groups will track their progress as they move through the stations with a pamphlet provided by abc27. This is for the students to keep. Teachers will be provided an answer key to questions found within this pamphlet. It is suggested that they discuss the answers with students after the event to wrap up the learning process.

Teachers and staff will be asked to order students in advance into eight groups for the stations portion of the event. It is best that these groups be organized by classroom/grade, and that they have at least two teachers/aides per group. It is also requested that the students attend the full-assembly already in their groups to facilitate quick movement to their assigned stations promptly following the assembly.

The majority of the stations are manned by abc27 personnel. When this many students are moving around at one time, there is always the potential for confusion. We have made every effort to label each station as clearly as possible, as well as make the rotation as simple as possible (working with the schools to create a “loop rotation”). Most stations will occur outside (weather permitting) with a couple held inside. Given the complexities of the event, it is advised that teachers become familiar with the schedule attached in advance of the event.

The full 2-hour block will be distributed as such: 25-minute full-assembly in auditorium or all-purpose room followed by 15 minutes of transition time to get students to their first station on their group schedule. Then we will begin 80 minutes of 8 stations (8 minutes per station, with a couple minutes of transition time between each station).

There are a number of requests that we will outline of the host site. These include basic tech, as well as access to the grounds for outdoor stations. Most of the items and equipment used will be provided by abc27, but it is likely that a technology as well as grounds/maintenance representative of the school should be brought into the loop to simplify the process in advance of the scheduled date. In essence, the closer the stations can be to each other, the easier the process will be in shuffling students at that time.

Given the nature of the event, our camera crew on site will be recording brief portions of the event that will then air later that evening and the following morning on our newscasts. This video recording will show a 15-30 second overview of the event in progress. This provides students an opportunity to tune in and potentially see themselves on TV later that day (always a big hit). The details of this will also be addressed in a separate document.

We appreciate your interest in the event and look forward to sharing our process with your students. We do feel that this student-involved approach creates long-lasting memories for the children. In many ways, this event allows us to bring abc27 to the students. They get to see up close and personal what they see on television every day.

Bring Stormtrack Center Live to Your School

If you’re interested in bringing Stormtrack Center Live to your school, send an email to meteorologist Ryan Coyle.

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