PA Prostate Cancer Coalition: Early Detection is Key

Prostate cancer, when detected early, is a very treatable disease.  The survival rate for prostate cancer diagnosed when it is still contained within the prostate is almost 100%.  Unfortunately, since early prostate cancer does not have any symptoms, men can be diagnosed with advanced, or metastatic, prostate cancer. The survival rate for advanced prostate cancer dips down to almost 30%.

Knowing your risk for prostate cancer, and getting a baseline PSA are crucial to early detection.  Family history and African American race are two of the biggest risk factors for prostate cancer.  Also, getting a baseline PSA reading between the ages of 40 and 45 can help you doctor assess your risk for developing prostate cancer later in life. Starting between 50 and 55, men should be having regular conversations with their doctor about prostate cancer and make the decision together about when to have PSA tests and digital rectal exams.

Learn more by visiting the PA Prostate Cancer Coalition’s website or by calling 1-800-892-3311.

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