Historical Society of Dauphin County celebrates 250 years of the Harris-Cameron Mansion

The John Harris – Simon Cameron Mansion is 250 years old this year. The mansion is an important part of our local history in Harrisburg and Nicole Smith was here to tell us more.

“It is one of the first homes built in area.  It was built by John Harris Jr., son of the first settler who established a ferry and trading post here.  People who lived in the mansion shaped local and national history,” tells Smith.

“John Harris Jr. laid out the town of Harrisburg and named it after his father.  He also gave land for a future site of the state capital.  Other owners like Thomas Elder and Reverend Beverly Waugh were important politicians and local citizens. Simon Cameron, who purchased the house in 1863, was an important local and national politician, was Abraham Lincoln’s first secretary of war and served as ambassador to Russia during the war. Because of his ownership, the mansion became a National Historic Landmark.”

You can learn more by visiting the Historical Society of Dauphin County’s website or by calling 717-233-3462.

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