McGinty to hit airwaves in Democrats’ US Senate primary

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Katie McGinty will be the first Democrat running in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate primary to begin a sustained TV ad campaign.

The campaign said the 30-second ad begins running Tuesday on broadcast channels in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

McGinty is in a four-way race with John Fetterman, Joe Sestak and Joe Vodvarka for the nomination to challenge Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

The campaign says it’s spending more than $1 million to air the ad through the April 26 primary.

The ad features McGinty speaking to the camera in a metal ductwork shop, as well as doing a voiceover while she’s pictured in conversation with various people.

In her message, she suggests that “special interests” in Washington aren’t doing enough to boost paychecks, guarantee Social Security or reduce the cost of college tuition.

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