Creature Feature: #1 Recommended Reptilian Pet

Jesse has brought us many snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodiles over the years, but which reptile makes the best pet?

“Corn snakes are some of the most colorful snakes in the world, and their gentile disposition makes them and maintenance makes them the first pet reptile I recommend,” explains Jesse Rothacker of the Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary.

Jesse brought a special guest along with him today—his 23 month old daughter, Viola.

“This is my daughter Viola. Just like she loves to care for her baby dolls, she loves to help daddy take care of the reptiles. She loves to help me in the reptile room, and always asks to hold the corn snakes. We teach her not to touch animals without Mommy and Daddy, but you can see how sweet the corn snake is with her.”

To learn more, visit Jesse’s website or call 717-330-3015. You can also use this number to identify any unknown species of reptiles; just send a picture message to Jesse for answers.

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