5 things you need to know: Friday, February 26

Last night the GOP Debate got heated.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz went hard after Trump. If you missed it, here’s a recap. Now, the Republican presidential candidates turn their focus to Super Tuesday.

A bill that would legalize medical marijuana, is headed to the state House.

At some point. A date hasn’t been set and the House is in recess until March 14. Nine months ago, the bill passed the Senate, it has been sitting ever since.

Headed to work? Be careful!

A new study by AAA shows around 87 percent of drivers admitted to unsafe behavior while driving.

We have learned more about a Facebook post that has gone viral.

Many of you have posted and reposted about a dog shot and killed in Londonderry Township. So we looked into it. Here is what we found.

Cleanup continues after a tornado touched down in Lancaster.

The National Weather Service confirms an EF-2 tornado tore through 50 buildings over a five mile stretch on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend!

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