York County teen starts non-profit to combat hunger

A York county teen has spent the last two years raising thousands of dollars to feed people all over the world. Starting out small, now 14-year-old Taylor Pratte’s fundraising work has grown into the non-profit organization known as Fore Change.

“It is amazing to see that what one 5th grade girl started as a dream,” Jim Noel, Fore Change adult board president said.

“As long as we’re making a difference I think that’s all that matters,” Taylor Pratte, founder of Fore Change, said.

Two years ago Pratte was inspired to help people. Now her organization has raised more than $20,000. Much of it helping families in Haiti.

“We want to make a difference. We believe that this can save lives,” Tristan Klopp, a member, said.

Through sustainable change. By providing food, seeds for planting, and the knowledge of farming. It’s a hand up; not a handout. Today, Pratte’s work has spread, growing in spirit and size.

Other chapters, like the one at York Suburban Middle School, are pitching in to help raise money for Fore Change. Next week the school will be collecting money, competing against other grades, to raise the most.

“We get to have fun. We get to make these posters. And while we’re having fun we get to help other people,” seventh grader Elice Murphy. said.

“It’s just amazing to see what these kids have done. They’ve done it all on their own,” Noel said.

There is a fundraising event on March 4th, called the Gala of Greens. For information on the event or if you’d like to donate. Visit their website at http://forechange.org/

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