Manheim Township School District vows to continue transparency

Manheim Township School District officials say part of their search for a new superintendent keeps to their plans for more open communication.

There will be a meeting on March 8th, where community members are encouraged to talk about what they want in a new superintendent.

“We want the community to have significant and meaningful input into what this district is looking for,” acting superintendent, Dr. Martin Hudacs, said.

In an interview last week with ABC 27 News, Hudacs promised more transparency in response to a series of secret closed-door school board meetings. Those meetings ultimately ended with the former superintendent, Dr. John Nodecker, leaving.

Once Hudacks was hired there was some backlash to his salary, which is 700 dollars for every day he works.

Hudacs refused to go on camera about salary issue with ABC 27 News. However, he did write a letter, which can be found on the district’s website, where he explains the pay would be low for a full-time superintendent.

Hudacs said the upcoming meeting is one more way the district is trying to restore lines of communication.

“We’re going about this in a way that we want people to attend,” he said.

Renee Heller, a parent who has been vocal about her displeasure with the school board, said she hopes the meeting is a sign of things to come.

“I’m hoping that regardless of the motive that good things come about and that we as a community will have some input,” she said.

The meeting is set for March 8th in the cafeteria of the Manheim Township High School.

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