East and West Shores hit by severe weather

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Weather does not discriminate and both sides of the Susquehanna River got hit hard.

18th and Derry in the Allison Hill section of Harrisburg turned into a waterway that caught many who live in the area by surprise.

“It is like a giant flood and all of 18th and Derry is flooded up,” said Khylil Matthews, who lives in the area.

Matthews says he is trying to take it all in stride knowing that his basement is probably flooded, but seeing the water is overwhelming.

“I expected snow because it’s February and just a little bit of rain. I thought it would taper off,” Matthews said.

It didn’t take long for river rescue crews to figure out what happened.

“It was a result of the drains being clogged because of all the rain and debris came down and blocked up all the drains,” said Chief Frank Egresitz of Harrisburg River Rescue, “Now that we got the drains opened up, the water is going down and we will be able to get the street opened up.”

Meantime on the West Shore, a tree landed on a house on Market Street in Mechanicsburg.

“High winds, heard some lightning and heard a loud thud walked upstairs and you can see the tree fell on the house and broke the window,” said homeowner Jay Crosier.

Crosier said the window was a hundred years old and there was some roof damage

“Not worried about any of that stuff right now just that we are safe and everything is all right as we are on the up and up,” Crosier said.

Jay said he will spend time tomorrow dealing with his insurance company, but is grateful because this could have had a different outcome.

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