Safer on Ice

Winter boots can protect you from the snow, but no amount of rubber tread can prevent you from slipping on ice. Consumer Reports tested devices that fit over your shoes. Their manufacturers claim they grip the ice to prevent slips and falls.

Consumer Reports tested four products designed to give you better traction on ice. Prices were $8 to $34. Each pair was tested on a flat surface and at various angles. Then Consumer Reports went to an ice rink to see how well each grips the ice while standing, walking, and even running.

All of the devices improve your traction on ice. But there were big differences in performance.

The Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for $18 performed the worst at the rink. Despite the metal coils on the bottom, the tester slid all over. The $8 OuterStar Ice & Snow Grips has 10-stud crampons on the bottom, but you can still slip fairly easily.

The $27 Icetrekkers Diamond Grip gave more traction on the slippery surface with its diamond grip traction cleats.

But the best by far was the Stabilicers Maxx for about $34. Walking, running, and even standing on ice at an angle didn’t allow any slipping. The Stabilicers Maxx are available in several sizes from outdoor stores and online, including Amazon. Prices vary by size.

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