If Apple complies, will all iPhones be vulnerable?

The Justice Department filed a new motion against Apple Friday. So far, the technology company is refusing to help open an iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino killers. The company says if it complies, all iPhones will be vulnerable.

“Apple potentially cold have their engineers write some kind of software to let them into the phone. If they write a code which allows them to bypass the encryption, then their phones are not as secure as they were,” said John Sancenito, president of INA.

INA is a security consulting firm in Harrisburg that is heavily involved in digital forensics. Sancenito says how Apple responds could change the future of security for all iPhone users.

“If that [software] got out there, hackers could use that information to get into anything and there would be no such thing as privacy whatsoever, that is a very dangerous situation for us,” Sancenito said.

Prosecutors with the Justice Department say Apple would be allowed to retain possession of the phone and technology.

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