Former NAACP leader supports Bernie Sanders

Former NAACP president and CEO Benjamin Jealous spoke before a large audience at York College Tuesday night. Jealous recently endorsed Bernie Sanders who he says has a long history of fighting for issues that affect all people.

A lot of political experts were surprised that the Iowa Caucus was a virtual tie.

Sanders won New Hampshire and current polls show Clinton is leading big in South Carolina.

Sanders continues to cater to the hard left base of the Democratic Party, and that is attracting a lot of young voters. “We as democrats, deserve to elect people who are champions of our ideals as much as the republicans do,” said Jealous, “If they are going to send up a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz, we can send Bernie Sanders because we could trust that Bernie would fight for us.”

York Mayor Kim Bracey attended Tuesday’s event. She is a Clinton supporter who is expecting a long fight, especially if the battle comes to Pennsylvania. “It will require everyone rolling up their sleeves and digging in and getting the votes for her,” said Bracey, “This race will not be taken granted at all.”

Bracey thinks that younger voters will come around. “Secretary Clinton has the experience to lead this country in the right direction,” said Bracey, “I think the young folks will see that.”

Despite their differences, Jealous and Bracey both agreed that come November, Democrats will be united for the general election.

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