Baby polar bear experiences snow for the first time

(Photo: Facebook/The Toronto Zoo)

(WTNH)– Prepare to have your heart melted.

The Toronto Zoo shared a video of its 3-month-old female polar bear enjoying her first time ever seeing snow.

The zoo’s Facebook page shared pictures and a message about the adorable polar bear.

“Our female polar bear cub turned three months old yesterday!

She now weighs 7.5 kg and is feeding five times a day, still receiving formula with meat slowly being added to her diet. As she continues to develop, staff have been introducing her to various enrichment items. This week, she was introduced to snow for the first time and she will continue to spend time outdoors daily to slowly become familiarized with the area which will become her new home.

She remains in the maternity den of the polar bear exhibit and still not view-able to the public at this time, however we will let fans know when she will be making her public debut! ‪#‎TOPolarBearCub‬”

Watch as the cub celebrates her birthday by playing in the snow for the first time.

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