PEMA monitoring winter storm

PEMA has been holding meetings throughout the day, getting updates on the weather. The big concern for the Midstate is freezing rain and roads.

“Because it’s been so cold, the road temperatures are going to stay cold even though [it] may be [in] higher in the 30 or 40s,” said Richard Flinn, PEMA director.

PennDOT crews started monitoring the roads at 4 a.m. Monday. There are 314 trucks for the 8 county area.

“Usually on the interstate system, we treat with 100 percent salt and in other instances we may do a mix of what we call anti-skid material, a lot of people call it cinders,” said Greg Penny, PennDot District 8 Spokesperson.

Officials are asking residents to stay off the roads, but if you have to travel you can check road conditions online.

“They can always check the internet — 511, its a good source of information for road conditions and you can also follow plows,” said Penny.

PEMA is asking residents to be prepared at home.

“Make sure if your power goes out you can sustain yourself for 72 hours. Be careful with extra heating sources or power generation sources. Our biggest concern with power outages is carbon monoxide poisoning, wth generators being put in garages and other places they shouldn’t be,” said Flinn.


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