How to protect your electronics during frigid temperatures

Exposing your device to frigid temperatures, could damage it.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Smartphones, tablets, and other devices we enjoy, while being outside, are not fans of the cold. If you do have to go outside, leave your phone inside, or at least in your pocket where it’s warm.

Freezing temperatures can drain your battery quickly, and even damage your phone’s hardware.

One man told 22News, while skiing this weekend, the cold weather caused his and his friends’ phones to lose power. “Pretty much died right away. It did freeze up, so I just put it in my locker and let it thaw out for a little bit, but some of my buddies tried to use them, but didn’t have much luck,” said Mike Barbalace of Baltimore.

Exposing your phone to freezing weather can affect it in many ways. It can cause condensation to form inside your screen, if you turn it on while it is still cold.

Experts actually recommend during these frigid temperatures you keep your phone inside.

Wilberto Candelario of Springfield told 22News, “If I do it’s really really quick. Not long enough for my phone to freeze or witness any malfunction.

Here are some tips from experts on protecting your device in extreme cold weather:

  • Don’t leave your cellphone in your car or trunk for extended periods of time, especially not overnight.
  • Don’t take it outside to shovel, because you risk getting it wet, if it drops in the snow.
  • Keep your phone or device in a protective case, something that protects from water, dirt, snow and if you drop it.
  • Invest in a blue tooth device, so if you receive a call, you’ll be able to answer hands free.

If you have to take your phone out, turn it off and don’t turn it back on until it has warmed up, this will help prevent condensation from forming in your phone.

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