Oregon occupiers say they’ll surrender

An sign of the National Wildlife Refuge System is seen at an entry of the wildlife refuge about 30 miles southeast of Burns, Ore., Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016. Armed protesters are occupying a building at the national wildlife refuge and asking militia members around the country to join them. The protesters went to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday following a peaceful rally in support of two Oregon ranchers facing additional prison time for arson. (Les Zaitz/The Oregonian via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

BURNS, Ore. (AP) – The more than month-long standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge could be ending in just a few hours.

The final four activists inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge say that Thursday morning they’ll leave their weapons behind and surrender to authorities, who’ve been surrounding them.

Wednesday night, an open phone line that was livestreamed showed the frustration of occupier David Fry, who shouted, “The only way we’re leaving here is dead or without charges.”

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