LeSean McCoy asked on camera about alleged bar brawl for first time

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WIVB) — For the first time since being implicated in a brawl in a private bar in Philadelphia over the weekend that injured two off duty police officers, LeSean McCoy fielded questions.

McCoy, who is one of four people accused of injuring two off duty police officers in the club in a scuffle over a bottle of champagne, is the top running back for the Buffalo Bills and also played for the Philadelphia Eagles to spark his career.

Although McCoy has retained a high-profile defense attorney in the event that a warrant is issued for his arrest, the professional athlete has remained quiet about the incident.

TMZ released a video, in which McCoy is reportedly spotted involved in the scuffle, and now a new video captures on camera McCoy being asked for the first time about the brawl.

Nick Piccone from the Philly Influencer captured on camera McCoy leaving a tavern in Philadelphia and simply asked for McCoy’s side of the story.

It’s unclear what McCoy replied with, but Piccone says he heard McCoy say, “I made a mistake.”

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