Last of four occupiers surrender to FBI at Oregon refuge

David Fry (left), Sean Anderson and Sandy Anderson (YouTube/Facebook)

BURNS, Ore. (KOIN) — The last of the four occupiers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge surrendered to the FBI on Thursday morning.

An FBI checkpoint outside of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, February 11 2016. (KOIN)
An FBI checkpoint outside of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, February 11 2016. (KOIN)

Sean and Sandy Anderson and Jeff Banta reportedly walked out of the refuge to the FBI checkpoint without issue and were arrested.

David Fry, the fourth occupier, remained and refused to leave. Supporters were encouraging him to leave, which could be heard on a live stream hosted by Gavin Seim.

Fry, whose behavior throughout the occupation has been erratic, began yelling at the FBI and refused to surrender “unless my grievances are heard.”

He listed paying taxes as one of his chief grievances, and wanted “to find a way to stop paying taxes” as a condition for surrendering. But about 10 minutes later, he said he was tired and wanted a pizza.

He ultimately demanded everyone say “hallelujah” and he would walk out. He could be heard over the live stream being arrested by the FBI.

How it began

The tense standoff played out on the Internet beginning Wednesday night when the FBI surrounded the refuge.

Nevada lawmaker Michele Fiore arrived in Burns on Thursday morning to show her support. She and Christian evangelist Reverend Franklin Graham were escorted to the refuge by the FBI to assist with the surrender.

Fiore said the group was not giving up, just moving the fight to a “new location.”

Ahead of the surrender, the four in the refuge claimed they were unarmed but said that there were loaded guns on the premises.

Sean Anderson said he and wife Sandy will walk out holding an American flag. Earlier Thursday morning, Sean Anderson said “if the FBI ‘double crosses us, all deals are off.”

The four are remnants of an armed group that seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 to oppose federal land-use policies.

“We’re not surrendering, we’re turning ourselves in. It’s going against everything we believe in,” Anderson said Wednesday night after agreeing to stand down.

Report from KOIN-TV

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