5 things you need to know: Thursday, February 4

Tonight is the first one-on-one debate of the Democratic presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off tonight in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump claims Senator Ted Cruz “illegally stole” the Iowa caucus.

During the caucus, Cruz’s campaign spread a rumor that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, which wasn’t true. Carson calls it a dirty tactic and Trump is calling for new voting or the results to be nullified.

The Keystone Exams have been delayed.

Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill Wednesday that will delay the requirement for two years. The Keystone Exams were required for students to graduate high school.

The Bill Cosby sex assault case is headed to trial.

A Montgomery County judge denied Cosby’s request to throw out the case. The decision allows the case to move to a March 8 preliminary hearing.

If you plan to file your taxes today, you may want to wait.

A computer problem has the IRS suspending electronic filing — at least for now. If you use a third party to file, you can still send your electronic return.

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