Complementary medicine treats body and mind

For thousands of years, people have been using complementary medicine; treatments like massage therapy and acupuncture. It’s becoming more popular in the Midstate.

At the WellSpan Center for Mind/Body Health, the goal is simple:

“That when they leave, they are feeling more relaxed and more at ease and the tension’s been melted away,” senior practice manager Stephanie Shull said.

When you walk inside, a dim, quiet atmosphere sets the mood. A variety of treatments is offered. One of them is acupuncture.

“For acupuncture, there’s definite scientific evidence regarding the benefits of having the needles and the chi that’s balanced and the pain that goes away through a series of treatments and things like that,” Shull said.

A National Institutes of Health study found that acupuncture not only relieves pain but also nausea. The NIH also discovered that for back pain, spinal manipulation can be just as effective as traditional treatments.

Deep tissue massage is why Andy Seebold of York goes to the center.

“Just loosens up the muscles,” Seebold said. “For me, I hold a lot of tension between my shoulders and it just feels really good.”

Treatments don’t focus on the body alone, they also focus on the mind.

“I’m much more relaxed, more focused,” Seebold said. “I’m actually going back to work on budgets later today.”

Although most people go to the WellSpan Center for Mind/Body Health to relax their minds and bodies, Shull said these therapies work hand in hand with traditional medicine.

“If a patient has cancer, for example, they can be seen for traditional treatments but also benefit from massage and acupuncture on this end so that their body and their mind feels better,” Shull said.

The center also offers movement therapy, like yoga and tai chi.


For more information, visit the center’s website.

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