Presidential candidates make final push before Iowa caucuses

Max Knauf of Des Moines predicts a Bernie Sanders win in Iowa. (Credit: Chance Seales)

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Latest on the 2016 race for president on the final weekend of campaigning before Monday’s leadoff Iowa caucuses.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is accusing rival Hillary Clinton of misrepresenting his record.

Sanders said during a Saturday stop in Charles City, Iowa, that a Clinton ad in which the former secretary of state says the nation should defend Planned Parenthood and “not attack it” implies Sanders has taken on the organization.

Sanders says he has a “100 percent lifetime voting record for Planned Parenthood.”

He also says he has a D-minus grade from the National Rifle Association, so “don’t tell me that I’m defending or protecting the gun lobby.”

Clinton’s campaign has highlighted Sanders’ vote for 2005 legislation that granted gun manufacturers immunity, and his vote against the Brady bill.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz doesn’t like breakfast for lunch, and he’s citing an egg meal he had at his daughter’s school as a reason to abolish the Department of Education.

Cruz was asked at a presidential campaign stop Saturday in Ida Grove, Iowa, if he could improve school lunches there.

Cruz said he couldn’t, but then drew cheers for saying he wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and leave decisions like what to serve for lunch to states and local school districts.

Cruz says he recently had lunch his second-grade daughter’s school and was served eggs and waffles. Cruz says he found that “bizarre.”

He also took a swipe at first lady Michelle Obama’s push for healthier school meals. Cruz says when his wife is first lady “it means French fries are coming back to school.”

Donald Trump is urging Iowa voters to caucus Monday, even if an impending winter storm arrives early.

Speaking to a Dubuque crowd Saturday, Trump said: “You’re from Iowa. Are you afraid of snow?”

The National Weather Service says snow is expected to start falling in the state close to midnight Monday. The caucuses are at 7 p.m.

While the snow shouldn’t hinder caucus attendees, the storm’s timing complicate Tuesday travel for any candidates left in the state.

Most will be seeking to quickly get to New Hampshire ahead of that state’s Feb. 9 primary.

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