Marine Corps vet teaches kids gun safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Does your child know what to do if they come across a gun, or if one of their friends is playing with a gun? Well, the U.S. Taekwondo Center hosted a class to teach just that.

It’s was taught by a 10 year Marine Corps veteran who now also trains police. According to him, kids these days don’t have the respect for guns they need, because they see more gun violence in video games and TV shows making them think playing with a gun isn’t as dangerous as it really is.

The U.S. Taekwando Center is one of the only martial arts centers in the U.S. to teach a class like this. The kids learn several different scenarios about gun safety. The instructor, Dave Young, said kids of any age should take this class so they know what to do and what not to do if they come across a gun.

Most gun accidents happen from guns parents have in the home, usually not properly stored or locked.

“If it only happens once and it’s your kid it become pretty darn important,” said Young.

“It’s very concerning that some parents don’t, and unfortunately it’s just the world we live in. We have to teach our children about gun safety, whether at home or at school,” said parent Holli Simon.

Kids need to be educated, but if an accident does happen it’s not their fault.

“Who should be responsible is the person who own that fire arm and it should be locked, secured, and put in a place where a child can’t get to it,” said Young. “You might look at this like a commercial, but I look at it as an obituary you don’t have to write.”

“Knowledge is power. Kids always need to know what they can do in case they’re confronted with some type of situation where they are confronted with a gun,” said Simon.

If you think your kids don’t know enough about guns you can go to U.S. Taekwondo’s website to find out when the next class like this is going to be happening. The main things children learn in the class is to not touch a gun if they see one, what to do if their friend is playing with one and what to do if an accident does happen.

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