JA of Central PA: Welcome to Biztown!

JA Biztown is an adult life simulator designed for students in many age groups. Complete with 14 businesses and multiple simulated “careers,” students practice balancing budgets, paying bills, working, and earning an income.

“The students prepare for 4 weeks with their teachers before they visit BizTown.  They run the town for the day.  Before they come they have applied for and interviewed for their jobs.  Each business has a CEO, CFO and other employees.  The students have elected a Mayor and DA to run the town.  Their goal is to pay back a business loan that they are taking out with the bank and carry out their business functions.  Their personal goal is to keep track of their spending as each student has a bank account with a check book and debit card.  They get paid twice during the day and can shop in the town to spend the money that they make, which helps the businesses pay back their loans,” explains Kim McGowan, Director of Biztown.

To learn more, visit their website or call 717-843-8028.

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