Tech Toys for Kids

Osmo Numbers

Electronic toys are a favorite gift for kids, but that doesn’t mean they will just be sitting in front of a screen. Here are several that Consumer Reports thinks look pretty good and will get kids collaborating and creating.

The Osmo Numbers game, paired with an iPad, makes math learning fun.

Kano Computer Kit
Kano Computer Kit

If you have hi-tech tinkerers on your list, the $150 Kano Computer Kit supplies all of the components they’ll need to build their own computer. Once the computer is up and running, they can use it to learn to code.

For $50, the PowerUp 3.0 let’s kids create a paper airplane that they can control with a smartphone. It’s best used outdoors.

The tiny SKEYE Pico Drone for $45 took some practice, but what a thrill when four little rotors lifted it up and about. The rechargeable toy is best suited for teens.

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet
Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

For younger kids, the $60 Little Live Pets Cleverkeet can keep them company by asking them questions and repeating phrases.

The most popular toy this season could be the $150 Sphero BB-8. It’s based on a Star Wars character and is controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

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