York city leaders ask for patience as residents wonder where plows are

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – It takes a long time to clear this much snow. That’s the message from York city leaders as they ask for patience.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Mayor Kim Bracey said the snow emergency in the city will last all week.

And as the city continues to make progress clearing snow from roads, some residents say they feel ignored.

“I look outside and I say this is sad,” said Tommy Duval. That’s because when Duval steps out his front door, he doesn’t see asphalt. “It’s just sad.”

Since the storm, not a single plow has come down his section of East Maple Street, just a few blocks from city hall.

“People up here matter, too,” Duval said. “I mean, we have jobs. We have stuff we need to do to provide for our families.”

Duval had to miss work Monday. “It’s a whole mess,” he said. He’s also a preacher, so now he’s turning to his faith.

“I’m praying that we’re not just one of those that’s just being blown off,” he said, “like, ‘Oh, we’ll get there when we get there.'”

“We know there are streets that have not been touched yet,” Bracey said. “We will get to you.”

Bracey added she understands the frustration. “We’re trying to get to all the streets that we can,” she said.

Public works director James Gross estimated that about 70 percent of their 140 miles of roads are in good shape, or at least passable.

The rest they’re working on with rented and borrowed equipment and requests with PEMA for more help from other municipalities.

“We are trying to do everything we can to get to these people as quickly as we can,” Gross said.

The city’s response is of little comfort to Duval.

“I’d ask them if they’d help pay my bills,” he said. “I mean, I’m trying to be patient, but there’s things I need to do.”

On a nearby street, neighbors decided to clear the snow themselves. A group took to the task with shovels so they could get to work.

It’s a chore they don’t think they should have to do.

“This is not good,” Duval said. “This is not good at all.” It leaves him imploring the city.

“Just can we get some help up here,” he said. “Soon.”

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