Parking issues during snow cleanup in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Some residents in Lancaster City found themselves searching for parking spots after Lancaster lifted its snow emergency Tuesday.

“Where can you park,” Glenn Brooks, who lives on Orange Street, asked. “Because there is snow everywhere.”

Lancaster lifted it’s snow emergency at 9 a.m., which forced folks out of the city’s garages unless they wanted to pay to park.

“I ended up going to one of the other city garages,” Brooks told ABC 27 News. “In front of my place, I live right here on the corner, and the snow is still piled up high. There is no way I am going to under take that.”

The city offered free parking at metered spots on Tuesday, but on snow covered spots on Orange Street it didn’t help much.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray told ABC 27 News the city needed to clear the garages because Lancaster County offices were open on Tuesday and the county has spots reserved in the garages.

“We have most of the snow emergency routes cleaned and we’re hoping by (Wednesday) morning we’ll have all of them cleaned,” he told ABC 27 News.

The city brought in crews from Connecticut and Massachusetts to help with the clean up on Tuesday.

Gray said the focus on Tuesday was to clear snow emergency routes and side streets.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a plow had yet to touch North Mary Street where Angelo Matthews had his car stuck.

“It’s super frustrating,” he said. “I mean I understand (plowing) the emergency routes, but what about these routes? If there is an emergency here how would the ambulance, fire trucks, or police get here?”

Mayor Gray said the city was focused on snow removal, instead of plowing. He told ABC 27 News that snow removal is a much slower process.

“Our whole structure is not set for a 30 inch snowstorm,” Gray said.

Gray told ABC 27 News the city would open the Prince Street garage starting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and that it would remain free until 9 a.m. on Wednesday. He also said metered spots would remain free, until otherwise noted.


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