Suspended Harrisburg police officer wants her job back

HARRISBURG, PA. (WHTM) – A Harrisburg police officer suspended over theft allegations hopes to get back to protecting and serving the community.

Jennie Jenkins was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the Harrisburg Police Athletic League, an organization that helps city kids.

She was required to pay $350 to PAL.

“I agreed to oversights which were mistakes that the average person makes,” Jenkins said.

The money was paid back through the ARD program, which was not an admission of guilt. Jenkins says there was no theft, no misappropriation of funds or double dipping of compensated time.

Meanwhile, Jenkins remains suspended without pay.

“I just want to go back and do my job,” she said.

Jenkins knows there is the court of public opinion.

“Perception and reality run parallel but that fact is the charges were dismissed and the judge ordered the case to be closed,” she said.

Jenkins says being back on the force would send a positive message to young people.

“What you do is get up, dust yourself off, and you get back to work and do what I do best and that is serve the community.”

Jenkins has remained visible in the community, volunteering her time to various organizations. She thinks her return to the Harrisburg Police Department would be welcomed by the majority.

“The parents and the children want me to come back, the community wants me to come back, they miss the work I used to do,” she said. “They love me and I love them and we know this was not what it was portrayed to be”

Jennie Jenkins did file a civil suit against the city and a judge gave the green light for that to move forward.

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