Friends hope for safe return of Midstate Marine

In a tiny town called Gardners it doesn’t take much to notice when something is missing.

“It’s just surreal. It’s hard to fathom. I can only imagine what he’s going through,” Jason Piper said.

He is the next-door neighbor to Adam Schoeller, the Midstate Marine who was on board one of the two helicopters that went missing in Hawaii after a nighttime training mission late Thursday. He has known the Schoeller family for years.

“He [Adam] loved to sing. He use to always mow the lawn out back there and all you could hear was him singing over top of the lawn mower. Me and my wife always giggled about it,” Piper said.

But on Sunday only silence could be heard.

“It’s kind-of really hard to put into words right now how I feel,” close family friend, Michael Grochalski, said.

Grochalski has known Adam since grade school. They played sports, went on countless vacations; the very best of friends.

“He was a very loving and caring guy. He was funny,” Grochalski, said.

Adam is one of three children and a 2008 graduate of Boiling Springs High School.  He joined the military after graduation.

“He was all about everybody else. He was just a great person to be around. A great friend. He was always there for you no matter what,” Grochalski, said.

The last time Grochalski heard from him was a month ago; just to say hello. But if he had the chance to talk to him right now, he’d say this:

“Hey buddy I love ya and I’m always here for whatever you need. If you ever need anything give me a call and I’m definitely always here watching out for ya and I’ll always be praying for ya,” Grochalski, said.

And “I’ll see you next time you’re around.”

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