Capital BlueCross subsidiary to open headquarters in Harrisburg’s Capitol View Commerce Center

The walls surrounding the nine-acre building at the corner of Cameron and Herr Streets in Harrisburg have never kept anything in.

“The building started and then stopped. And it was an eyesore for the longest time,” Joe Khatib, owner of Tennis Shoe Warehouse across the street from the Capitol View Commerce Center, said.

“It was just like a waste of a building when it was empty. I didn’t think it was ever going to get finished,” Ryesha Pitts said.

Construction on the Capitol View Commerce Center began in 2008.

“It was halfway done and then it just stopped,” Khatib said.

That’s because the developer, David Dodd, went bankrupt. He was sent to prison for theft, fraud, and money laundering. So the building sat unfinished; losing money.

“I was hoping they’d just tear it down because it was just in the way,” Khatib said.

Unfortunately for the shoe shop owner that’s not going to happen. In December 2014, Moran Industries bought the building and overhauled the property over the past year. Geneia, a health care analytics company owned by Capitol BlueCross, will be the lead tenant of the updated building.

Which means more people, more jobs and more opportunities.

“Hopefully that will attract more business into the area,” Khatib said.

Because right now the building is just as empty as his store.

According to the Central Penn Business Journal, the World Trade Center Harrisburg will be a second tenant.

“I’m proud of something positive coming to the neighborhood to help everybody. For a long time we haven’t had anything. It’s a chance who might qualify for a job to go over there to get a job,” said Mal Canal, who lives in Harrisburg.

Geneia will establish it’s headquarters in the Capitol View Commerce Center this summer.

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