Val’s Kid: Semaj

Farm Show fun for Semaj. The eight year old loves animals, especially rabbits. He stopped by to pet a few.

Semaj also enjoyed some one on one tours of  many exhibits. This young man is a sports fan.

“I enjoy football” said Semaj. Semaj does well is school. He shared his favorite subjects. “Math, science and reading.” Semaj said. As for his future career choices. “A cop and a veterinarian.” Semja said. ” He is very quiet and shy when you first meet him. He does open up fairly quickly once you meet him. He has a great imagination. He is a great storyteller.” Karen Knodel, Semaj’s adoption specialists said.Semaj has spent some time in foster care. It’s really touch for especially the younger ones who they see all their fiends have families to support them. They see it on television yet they have nobody of Christimas or the holdiays to spend with.” Knodel said. Semaj is hoping to spend his life witha family he can call his own. “When I asked him the question what type of family he wanted. his answer to me was I just want a family to love me. My wish is that he would have a family that would help him just love him and help him become the young man he has the potential to be.” said Knodel.

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