Dana Humphrey: Training Your Dog

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) started National Train Your Dog Month to raise awareness of the importance of proper pet training and healthy socialization. They chose January because so many dogs and puppies are adopted or purchased over the holidays and sadly, many of those pets are turned over to animal shelters for behavioral issues that could be easily resolved with proper training.

“Make sure that no matter what techniques you choose, you stick to them. There’s nothing more confusing to a puppy or dog then inconsistencies in your training methods. It’s important for pet parents to have realistic expectations and know that changing a behavior takes time. Also, always practice positive, reward-based reinforcement so that the pet learns what is right. Reward your pet with a treat, verbal praise or an ear massage,” suggests Dana Humphrey, the Pet Lady.

She’s got all sorts of training tips and tricks for the common dog owner to take advantage of. Check out our video or visit her website to learn more.

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