Teen wins Powerball $1 million prize

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD)— Beginner’s luck is paying off for a Michigan woman, who is now a lottery millionaire.

Imari Shelton, 19, enlisted her mother’s help when she picked up five Powerball Easy Pick tickets from the Speedway gas station from Washington Avenue in Holland.

Shelton said the historically high Powerball jackpot enticed her to play.

“When I woke up on Sunday, my mom told me that someone who had bought a Powerball ticket at the Speedway had won $1 million,” Shelton said in a news release Monday. “As soon as I heard that, I grabbed my ticket and started checking the numbers. When I saw I matched five numbers, I started shaking.”

“I asked my mom what it meant if I matched five numbers and she thought I was joking. After she looked at my ticket with me, we both started screaming,” Shelton added.

Shelton was just one number off of winning the record $949.8 million Powerball jackpot; she had a Powerball of 10 instead of 13. While she narrowly missed winning the historic amount, she told lottery officials she’s happy to be $1 million richer.

Shelton said her winnings will help her realize her dream of earning a law degree and becoming a lawyer. She also plans to try her luck again and buy Powerball tickets for Wednesday night’s drawing, in hopes of cashing in on the now $1.4 billion jackpot.

Map of Powerball Jackpot Winner Totals by State

**The states in red do not participate in Powerball sales
App users click here for the map.

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