Palmyra Black Knights Sled Hockey

The Palmyra Black Knights Sled Hockey Team was founded in 2012. It is a not-for-profit, 100% volunteer organization. The team was formed to enable youth and adults with disabilities in the Greater Hershey/Harrisburg area to play disabled sled ice hockey.  The program is USA Hockey sanctioned, and affiliated with the Palmyra Black Knights Organization.  Currently there are only 3 other teams like this in Pennsylvania.2015 Disabled Hockey team pic

There are no other athletic opportunities in the greater Harrisburg area for disabled athletes. Sled hockey gives them absolute freedom and control.

“The Black Knights program is for both boys and girls ages 6 and up who have a physical disability and cannot play standing hockey.  In advance of starting with the Black Knights, players should be able to propel a manual wheelchair and sit upright in the sled’s ‘bucket’ seat with the attached seat-belt,” describes Kristen Powell, Assistant Team Manager.

They encourage grants or donations to help maintain the ability to provide this service to disabled individuals within the community. They’re also set to host the 3rd Annual Celebrity Sled Hockey Game and Fundraiser in March of 2016.

To learn more, watch our video or call 717-821-4728.

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