Return The Favor: Veterans town hall meeting

This month’s Return the Favor is a special message for veterans and their families. Many of you have questions about health care, benefits, and other issues. The Lebanon VA Medical Center probably has the answers. That’s why they want you to come out to a special town hall meeting next week.

There are three goals. The first is to share information with veterans about what’s new at the medical center.

The second is to listen to veterans as they share their ideas and experiences about the center. They want to know what vets think about the facility, and how it can be better used to meet their needs.

The third goal is to connect veterans to the right people in the VA to help with any issues they have. According to the VA, one of the most common issues among veterans right now besides health care is how to enroll in the VA and if they’re even eligible. Staff will be there to help with that too.

Nationally, only 30 percent of veterans who are eligible for VA services use them.

The veterans town hall meeting/information fair is Thursday, Jan. 14 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the VFW on West Market Street in York. For more information, call 792-3321.

The meeting is for all veterans in our area. The Lebanon VA is in charge of 9 counties throughout the Midstate. It holds town hall meetings every couple of months. If you are a veteran or you know one, you should think about attending.

More information:

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