Author Spotlight: Mary Klaus

The Farm Show began in 1917 in a farm implement building at 10th and Market streets. About 5,000 people came to see the latest in farm machinery shown by 44 commercial exhibitors and 440 competitive exhibits such as apples, corn and wool. Each year after that, the Farm Show grew in size, spreading to other buildings in Harrisburg.1956GrandBabyBeef

Author Mary Klaus has written a book for the Farm Show titled, Hold Your Horses!  that describes the history of farm show, traditions, and activities to be expected.

“The Pennsylvania Farm Show is where Pennsylvania’s families – and friends from other states and countries – gather to celebrate our rich agricultural history and industry.  As a former 4-H kid from Westmoreland County and a long-time agriculture journalist, I love all things farm. I’ve always loved a book in which the main character introduces herself as “Anne of Green Gables.” I think of myself as “Mary of the Farm Show!” explains Mary.

To learn more about her book or the PA Farm Show, visit her website or check out the Farm Show from January 9-16.

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