Author Spotlight: Joe Farrell and Joe Farley

Gotham Graves is composed of short biographies of famous people buried in and around New York City. The book contains photos of each subject as well as their final resting places.

Joe Farrell and Joe Farley, authors of Gotham Graves, joined us with the story behind their latest book.

“Well we have written a series, called Keystone Tombstones, about noteworthy people buried in Pennsylvania and with 10 volumes available in that series we thought it might be a good time to branch out,” explains Farley.

“The idea of doing New York City came to me while I was watching the movie 42. After seeing the film I looked up where Jackie Robinson was buried and found that he was laid to rest in Brooklyn where I happened to be born. Having been raised in New York I knew of other famous people buried in the city so I went to Joe with the idea and a list of prominent folks buried in New York cemeteries.”

They’ll be present at the book’s lauch party at Cafe Fresco (215 N. 2nd St, Harrisburg) on Friday, January 15 from 5-7 pm.

For more information, visit their website or to make a purchase, visit

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