Youth Organization focused on helping kids secure their future

The Boys and Girls Club in Harrisburg is working hard to connect with young people, helping them make the right decisions and avoid potential violence.

The after school program focuses on connecting with kids individually and getting them to focus on their future.

Mark Hawthorne, the director of operations, has worked at the facility for 20 years. He says every child is important. “We want to develop productive citizens,” said Hawthorne, “Every child makes a difference in society.”

More than 250 students ages 6-18 take part in the program at the three locations in Harrisburg.

Daily, there are usually 125 kids at the Berry Hill complex. Hawthorne says students get a power hour to help finish their homework and then, the program focuses on five core areas: career development, education, sports, fitness and social development.

Hawthorne says kids work with staff members to enhance social skills to help resolve differences. “If there are problems finding resolutions,” said Hawthorne, “We have trusted adults who step in and help move the process along.”

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