Fitness resolutions include a little extra help

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – A new year also means a new list of resolutions and local fitness trainers say losing weight and getting healthy top that list every year.

At Quad Cities Fitness, personal trainer Donovan Renteria says he’s already seeing the new year’s rush.

Now, just two days into 2016, he said 30 new members are signed up to work out with personal trainers.

“New year new body, everyone has all these goals for the new year they want to make more money, they want a bigger house, they want a new car, they want a better body, so people come to the gym, they work out, they hire a personal trainer because they can’t push themselves to failure and we can, we’re qualified to do that,” Renteria said.

He said having someone holding you accountable at the gym, whether it’s a work out buddy or a personal trainer, will increase the chances of reaching those new year’s fitness resolutions.

“Get a partner, grab a friend a family member, even if you’re not in a gym, just go do something outside,” Renteria said.

Whitney Eichmyer of LeClaire says that’s what has helped her accomplish her goals.

“Those people keep you coming and keep you motivated and keep you consistently being there and if you’re not then they’re sending you text messages and things where have you been I haven’t seen you and so that really really helps just to have somebody else there, even if, I didn’t really know anybody when I started so I’ve kind of gotten some friends in there too and so it’s really helped,” Eichmyer said.

Renteria says accomplishing these fitness goals is more than just working out, but what you put on your dinner plate at home, too.

“They think they can come here and work out and then leave and eat the same exact thing that they were just eating and it doesn’t work like that,” Renteria said.

Personal trainer at Ultimate Fitness, Ahmad-donie Al-suleiman agrees.

“What it comes down to is how you eat, how you sleep, what you drink and how you move, what you’re doing when you’re moving around so those are really the things we need to focus on if we’re trying to reach whatever goal it is you’re trying to achieve,” Al-suleiman said.

Along with that, Al-suleiman said buying a gym membership alone isn’t enough.

“If you’re going to school, right you don’t miss class, you make it to class, if you’re at least going to class you’re going to do pretty well but if you don’t make it to class, you’re not going to do well at all, right. Get into the gym,” Al-suleiman said.

Even if you can’t make it to the gym, Renteria and Al-suleiman saythere are many ways to stay active. They recommend walking the dog or taking your kids to the park.

On average, experts say it takes just over two months to make something like exercise a habit.

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