AllertMe app alerts food allergy sufferers of food recalls

(WHTM) – Like most 14-year-old boys, Owen Mussmon of Chambersburg loves food.

“Well usually for lunch, you saw there, usually I have a chicken patty and shrimp,” said Owen Mussmon.

However, he can’t have anything with tree nuts or peanuts because he’s allergic. Even cross-contamination can send him into shock. Owen’s family does their best to protect him.

“We saw a recall on TV,” said Tim Mussmon, Owen’s father. “Sure enough we had it in our house. And it has been cross contaminated with, if I remember correctly, peanuts. Which my son could’ve eaten the next morning for breakfast, the bagel. So at that point, I’m thinking that as a little too close to home.”

Tim Mussmon and his wife started going through the seemingly unending list of FDA food recalls.

“We were sitting here one night, and I just thought to myself there’s got to be an easier way,” said Tim Mussmon. “I thought what if I took that information that’s provided free by the FDA and re-catagorized it. There’s got to be a way to do it.”

So he, with the help of a company called Cross and Ctown, created the AllertMe app. It’s the first app to send push notifications about the FDA’s food allergy recalls. You can even personalize the alerts, by selecting which of the main food allergy categories you want to receive push notifications about.

AllertMe shows you everything from the product’s UPC code to pictures. Tim Mussmon hopes it’ll be life-changing for people across the country, especially for his son.

“As he gets older, I want to make sure that he feels confident when he’s in in the grocery store and when he has his own home. That he’s able to protect himself,” said Tim Mussmon.

“I think it’s really cool that he put time and effort into making an app just for me,” said Owen Mussmon.

AllertMe is available for apple and android devices. It costs $4.99.

For more information about AllertMe, visit

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