Police help 6-year-old who missed Christmas after her mom died unexpectedly

Livermore Police officers & firefighters help Karma celebrate Christmas after her mother passed away suddenly. (Photo: Livermore Police Department)

LIVERMORE, CA (WFLA) — Karma and her mother had only recently moved to California from Florida when her mother died suddenly from a medical emergency on Christmas.

Police in Livermore, California are now asking for the public’s help to raise money for 6-year-old Karma, as well as help raise money for funeral expenses and transportation expenses to get Karma’s mother back to Florida.

On Christmas afternoon, Livermore Police responded to a local hotel in response to a 39-year-old woman suffering a medical emergency related to a pre-existing condition. She was transported to a hospital where she later died.


Karma was temporarily placed with a foster family until her grandmother could get to California from Florida. During this time, police and firefighters learned that Karma was unable to celebrate Christmas due to her mother’s medical condition beginning in the early morning hours of Christmas.

So, they went and purchased Christmas gifts for Karma so she could experience Christmas and on December 26th they delivered the Christmas gifts to her.

Police and firefighters started a GoFundMe account to raise money to assist Karma and her family. You can donate here.

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