Grinch and sidekick target Lower Paxton Township home

Police in Lower Paxton Township are searching for the two men who were caught on surveillance cameras stealing a light up Santa Claus and wooden reindeer.

Clarke Madden says his wife called him Saturday morning after noticing some holiday decorations were missing. “When she came out in the morning with our young son, she was shocked,” said Madden, “The Santa Claus and the deer that we set on the stoop, were missing.”

Clarke was in disbelief. He has a surveillance system and when he watched the video with his wife, he saw a guy wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with another guy who is wearing khakis and a dark sweater.

Madden says victims of theft are usually left wondering what happened to their items. “It is quite different to see them as you would in a television show or in a movie, said Madden. “It really hits home watching them making off with our Santa Claus.”

Madden says they have lived in their neighborhood for five years, and never had problems but installed a surveillance system to help deter crime. Even posting a sign in front of their house indicating that activity is being recorded.

Madden says the items are valued at less than $100, but it’s the principal of stealing holiday decorations less than a week away from Christmas.

Anyone who recognizes the men should call the Lower Paxton Police Department at 717-657-5656.

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