Santa “B” strikes again, pays for $79,000 in layaway

(WHTM) – If you ever have a doubt that Santa is real, stop by the Walmart on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg.

“They told me my layaway was paid in full by Santa B,” said Karen Hernandez.

Hernandez, Marysville, is a mother of nine. She recently spent 10 months in the hospital fighting for her life. She got out in time to spend Christmas with her family but was struggling to pay the $800 dollar balance on her layaway.

She got a call from a Walmart employee letting her know that an anonymous man, who goes by Santa B, walked into the Walmart on Monday and paid for all the holiday layaways at the store, a total of $79,000.

“I started jumping up and down and crying. I was ecstatic. It made my year, not just my day, my year,” said Hernandez. “I was actually going to have to borrow from someone to pick it up yesterday so it took a huge burden and a lot of worries were washed off my hands by Santa B.”

Patricia Bowmaster, Mount Holly Springs, was picking up layaway items for her 82-year-old mother when she got the news.

“She did not know how she was going pay for it. She was just going to let it go back. This is going to help her. She is moving into a into a new apartment and she has nothing,” said Bowmaster. “I think he is wonderful and I just have to thank him for what he did.”

An anonymous person also made a huge donation to the Walmart Store on Grayson Road near Harrisburg to pay off holiday layaway items. The Secret Santa gave $79,000 there as well. Store employees say they believe it is the same man.

“He just said he wants to give back to the neighbors and community because he has a successful business and this is his way of just showing appreciation and just taking care of the community,” said Steven Myers, Walmart store manager.

Santa B if you are reading this article, those you helped have a message for you.

“Whoever you are, I love you from the bottom of my heart and your generosity is astonishing,” said Hernandez.

“I would just grab him and give him a big hug and say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart,” said Kathleen Bates.


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