Neighborhood reacts to Harrisburg teen with suspected terrorist ties

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – People who live on and near Fulton Street in Harrisburg’s Midtown neighborhood were stunned by the news that one of their neighbors, Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz, was charged with trying to help ISIS.

“I was driving by, saw everything was blocked off. I was talking to my buddy and said there must have been a murder or shooting,” said James Ginz, “He sends me a text message and it says ISIS terror raid. I said no way, that’s not real.”

The FBI raided Aziz’s home for hours today and some time after agents left, a note was posted on the front door reading, “No comments, no news, no trespassing.”

Neighbors said they are confused because they’ve never seen anyone walk in or out of the house.

FBI agents found a backpack containing weapons, ammunition, a knife, and other survival items allegedly belonging to Aziz.

One neighbor was willing to bet no one lived at the home.

“We thought the house was empty. All of our neighbors thought the house was empty,” the neighbor said, “He never put trash out or anything. We never [saw] him, ever.”

The neighbor did say Fed-Ex dropped off a package in front of the house yesterday.

Some still wonder why no one saw Aziz.

“You hear big cities you think New York, California, but when it’s Harrisburg now you’re really touching home,” Ginz said.

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