Let’s Go Places: Santa’s home away from home

Every Christmas season families from all over the world travel to Berks County to see an extraordinary holiday display that’s been going strong for more than six decades.

Welcome to what could be described as Santa’s home away from home: Koziar’s Christmas Village.

Folks have been coming to this winter wonderland tucked away on more than 20 acres of farmland in Berks County since 1946!

“It keeps growing,” said owner Sonia Koziar, “We keep moving into our farm fields. This is still a working farm.”

Sonia Koziar now runs the place. It all started with her parents. They loved Christmas so much, people came from all over to see their decorations. All these years later, they keep coming back.

“Last night, I had a fellow here, he’s been here for 57 years,” said Koziar, “His mother was with him, his son was with him, his grandson was with him. They come every single year.”

That’s why Koziar keeps the tradition going.

“We grew up with it, and people are so happy when they’re here,” said Koziar.

The village still makes her smile. Of course, you couldn’t have a Christmas village without St. Nick! You can relax with him inside Santa’s workshop, or just gaze at the more than one million twinkling lights.

“I’ve never seen so many lights ever. It’s beautiful,” said visitor Melissa Shack from New Jersey.

“It fills you with Christmas spirit,” said visitor Chandler Price from England, “You come across the hill and see the bright lights. Amazing, absolutely brilliant.”

Koziar’s Christmas Village is open every evening, now through the new year. The cost is $10 for adults, $8 for kids 10 and under.

For more information, log onto http://www.koziarschristmasvillage.com/

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