Feds tracked Harrisburg terror suspect for nearly two years

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Federal charges against Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz may have been filed on Thursday, but the teenage Harrisburg terror suspect has been on investigators’ radar for nearly two years.

According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Aziz used Twitter to pledge allegiance to the leader of ISIS on June 29, 2014. Using the handle @AnsarUmmah, Aziz allegedly posted “My bayah to shiek Abu bakr Al Baghdadi.” The word “bayah” is translated to mean “allegiance,” according to court papers.

It is the earliest tweet revealed in the paperwork though it is possible surveillance of the now-deleted account was underway for a longer period of time.

Later tweets, using various forms of the handles @AnsarUmmah, @Colonel-Shami and others, authorities say Aziz continued to post pro-jihadist statements, including threats against American military personnel and President Barack Obama.

One tweet featured a picture of a masked militant, reading “#IS Know O Obama, that we are coming to America and know that we will sever your head in the White House.”

In subsequent posts using at least 57 different Twitter accounts, agents say Aziz expressed interest in traveling overseas to purchasing a girl to be a slave, and offered assistance to others who might be looking to travel abroad to join the Islamic State militants.

All posts on all Twitter accounts are alleged to have originated from the same IP address leading agents to a home in midtown Harrisburg,

On or about November 27, 2015, the criminal complaint details a warranted raid of Aziz’s home at 1733 Fulton Street, where a tactical style backpack was discovered inside a closet. The backpack is said to have included a number of items, including several M4-style high capacity magazines loaded with 5.56 ammunition, a modified kitchen knife, a thumb drive, a tin filled with various over-the-counter medications, and a head-wrap style mask, similar to those worn by ISIS members in videos.

It is unclear if the raid on Aziz’s home, which he shared with his parents, was conducted while anyone was home.

The criminal complaint also does not detail whether any firearms were found in the house.

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